Accurate, Tailored, Residential High-Value Survey Reports

Uncomplicated personal lines, residential insurance inspections, and report ordering with private-client expertise for your high-net-worth clients.

Residential Self-Surveys Now Available

Keep Underwriting and Loss Control Moving Forward with Self-Surveys! The New Self-Survey process is streamlined for quick turnarounds in order to gather critical underwriting information remotely and efficiently.

We Meet Any Underwriting Requirements

With a less than 1% rejection rate of our reports, we’ve got you covered. Our custom reports focus on the features that make up the cost of rebuilding the home, not just photos of rooms. Plus, our quality assurance staff & checklist review process ensures no report is sent without a secondary review. You’ll receive the high-value inspection reports you need—the first time and every time.

Who We Are

What You Deserve

We are a privately held corporation established in 1993 by an insurance underwriter. Our US-based customer service staff is available 8am – 5pm EST via phone and email. Our two-part signature certification process ensures competency for all field inspections and the majority of our inspectors have an average tenure of 10 years with experience in the insurance industry.

We provide various inspection report types including Signature High Value Inspection, Signature High Value Condo Inspection, Signature Mid Value Inspection, Signature Course of Construction Inspection and numerous supplemental reports including brush/wildfire, hurricane, fire protection and more.

We make ordering inspections uncomplicated.

Our real-time process tracking, online report ordering, and integration capabilities means you have the type of report when you want it in the format you need it. In addition, you can reorder reports with a single click.

Cost Savings

If we identify and prevent even one potential loss, the cost savings can equate to a year’s worth of the cost of our services.


Through our process, we assess liability exposures and provide detailed loss control suggestions to the insured.

Our Partners

We provide high quality, accurate and customizable reports.

Signature Appraisals Underwriting and Loss Control provides accurate, tailored, residential inspection reports with private-client experience for your high-net-worth clients.